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Роман Якунин - интерьерный фотограф в Алматы

Roman Yakunin

Interior photographer.
I have been doing commercial shoots for over 8 years. Shooting interiors professionally for over 3 years.

My main focus is interior photography. I work with interior designers, architects and corporate clients.

In my work, I help clients showcase completed projects, reflect the quality of the finished project, add to their portfolio and create an attractive picture of business facilities.

I am open to collaborating with stylists, set designers and retouchers to get the best shots from the shoot!

On this site you can view the work and contact me using the contacts below.

Open to cooperation and interesting projects!

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Who am I working with?

Sofia Kljonova 


The main direction is retouching of architectural and interior photos. Sofia is responsible for the final stage of production — post-production. 

This is bringing the shots to their final state: careful work on frame details, colours and correct geometry.You can ask her for help in processing your shoot.

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Обо мне, фотограф Роман Якунин. Roman Yakunin — interior photographer in Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • What kind of equipment do I use?

Epuipment for interior shooting

In my work, I use a system of Canon equipment in combination with stable tripods of the brand Manfrotto. I use a tablet to see what I’m shooting. This allows me and my clients to comfortably observe the filming process in real time, make adjustments to the work and be confident in the end result.

Photo editing tools

To get the best picture in my work, I use Apple’s professional range of computers, as well as the original and most current versions of all software. These allow me to do processing and retouching, transfer files and store them reliably for a long time.

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